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Desk of: Coach Pat Anderson

If you're looking for a single, all-under-one-roof, one-stop-shop for legitimate, tested, unique and FUN basketball drills for rapidly building fundamental skills in your players… for transforming ordinary teams into extraordinary teams

… for planning better practices, winning more games, and eliminating your coaching stress…

If you'd like to be personally mentored by the most respected, most accomplished, and most innovative basketball coaches on the planet… guys who have actually won multiple championships at the high school, college and professional levels…

who love to teach… and have a "knack" for breaking down basketball skills and strategies in a way that's easy for ANYONE to understand

And... if you're the type of coach who wants to see results FAST… big, dramatic improvements in the way your team plays in the least possible time…

Then, please -- stop whatever you're doing and listen closely. This could be the most important letter you'll read all year!

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In just a few moments, you're going to have a risk free opportunity to access 4 all-new KILLER basketball coaching video clinics featuring 51 wickedly effective drills and 7 proven offensive plays you can take immediately to the gym...

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This is going to get your coaching juices flowing like never before, and - once you learn these secrets - you'll be chomping at the bit to get out on the floor and try this stuff with your team.

Now… you're probably saying to yourself right now "what's included in this package?" and "why on earth is Coach Pat giving away all this stuff for just one dollar?"

Both good questions. And probably what I'd be asking myself right now if I were reading this letter.

Not to worry.

I'm going to walk you through everything that's waiting for you… all 4 video clinics packed with stunningly effective basketball drills and coaching tips… with no strings attached.

Here's what's included:

Video Clinic #1: "5 Man Motion Offense" ($39.97 value)
Video Clinic #2: "Practice Planning Secrets" ($39.97 value)
Video Clinic #3: "Transition Basketball Made Easy" ($39.97 value)
Video Clinic #4: "Game Time: 12 Pre-Game Drills" ($39.97 value)

TOTAL VALUE: $159.88
Your Price: One Dollar!

There's no "fluff" here. And no beating around the bush.

In each one of these videos, you're getting a world-class coach with a proven track record of success... blowing the lid off his favorite "insider" techniques and strategies for better basketball.

And there's no need to waste time experimenting with unproven ideas. Everything you'll learn has been pre-tested and approved by other Basketball Inner Circle members.

Simply watch these videos… teach the techniques to your kids (we'll show you how, using simple breakdown drills and step by step instructions)… then sit back and watch while your team dominates the competition and racks up more wins than you ever thought possible!

Okay, you're probably hungry for some more details... so let's go through each of these videos one by one.

Online Video Clinic #1
"5 Man Motion Offense"

Your first instructor in this package is none other than Dave Weber... brother of University of Illinois legend Bruce Weber and known around the country as a "Jedi Master" of half court offense.

In 2005, his Glenbrook H.S. Spartans outscored their opponents by over 23 points per game… rolling to a 27-2 record and capturing the Illinois State Championship.

Inside this incredible video you'll discover Weber's simple offensive system for getting boatloads of easy layups and wide open jumpshots... on command... against any man to man OR zone defense!

You'll learn over 16 motion offense “breakdown” drills that show you EXACTLY how to create easy scoring opportunities with precision screens, cuts and timing.

You'll also get 4 detailed, step by step motion offense plays that are fun and easy to learn… and will have your kids running circles around the competition and racking up huge margins of victory.

Here's a small sample of what's included:

The 5 essential ingredients of a successful half-court offense. HINT: none of them are "physical"(find this at 7:32 of the video)
A rarely used (yet wildly effective) back-door tactic that confuses the defense and leaves your players wide open for easy layups (14:05)
How to free up your best shooter for a high percentage jumper (16:07)
A little known way to get an extra 3 or 4 fast break layups per game! (21:14)
How to get your players to "cut low" using a common item found in every school gymnasium... and why this simple drill gives you a massive competitive advantage over other teams (23:52)
To run a successful motion offense, your guards, forwards, AND centers must be comfortable handling the ball. We'll reveal 2 unique dribbling drills that build dazzling ball handling skills in ANY player on your team (25:50)
How to teach your players to read and react to screens using an innovative "Chair Drill" (27:59)
5 virtually unknown back door drills that train your kids to make jaw-dropping moves to the basket... even if they lack speed! (31:13)
The secret to getting wide open jumpshots from the corners (33:41)
Why your best player has to be your best screener (40:41)
An amazingly effective quick hitter play that frees up your 4-man for a 3-foot bankshot (42:18)
The best motion offense to run against a zone. This simple tactic works against the 2-3, 1-2-2, and 2-2-1... even a box and 1 (43:45)
How to use “single-single” screens to free up your shooting guard for an easy 10-footer! (45:02)
The absolute best motion offense drill to run at the end of practice (46:55)
A little-known training technique that literally FORCES your players to move without the ball and set solid screens (50:35)

And a lot more...

The next video comes to you from New Jersey high school basketball legend Bob Hurley. This is a guy who's racked up 3 National Championships… 908 wins… and a mind-boggling 25 State Titles.

In 2008, his St. Anthony's Friars went 32-0... and he was named the first ever Naismith National High School Coach of the Year.

Online Video Clinic #2
"Practice Planning Secrets"

His online video clinic is called "Practice Planning Secrets," and it reveals 22 simple strategies that automatically ensure your practices run greasy-smooth... plus... 14 brand new drills for shooting, passing, ballhandling, rebounding and defense.

Everything is broken down in Hurley's unique teaching style, and explained carefully with on-court demonstrations and simple coaching tips.

Here are some of the techniques you'll discover:

The single most important thing you can do to create a fun, effective practice your players will love. It takes only 2 or 3 minutes, and immediately gives you massive credibility with your team! (find this tip at 1:10 of the video)
A little-known "2-minute drill" (borrowed from Duke's Mike Krzyzewski) that gives your team an unstoppable competitive advantage in late game situations (6:19)
How to create an atmosphere that encourages your kids to compete for playing time (this is the single biggest secret to maintaining practice intensity) (10:15)

How to teach your players to make layups under pressure. Work on this twice a week and you'll score an extra 7-10 points per game!

Why you should ALWAYS do your conditioning drills with a ball. Forget running wind sprints… this simple strategy works much, MUCH better (12:30)
A nifty "5-4-3-2" drill that trains your kids to push the ball up the court by PASSING (not dribbling). Perfect for early practice warm-up (16:15)
A little-known 6-step shooting circuit that gives your players a massive number of shooting reps in the least possible time. This drill alone will increase your practice efficiency dramatically, literally overnight! (25:35)
5 killer rebounding drills that immediately install explosive leaping ability and "pit-bull-like" aggression around the basket. Includes… the "Superman" drill… "Tip" drill… "Rip-Fake" drill… and more (30:21)
Do your players ever lose focus or "fall asleep" on defense? Try this amazing "Rapid-Switch" drill for instant gains in communication and defensive effectiveness (38:11)
An advanced (yet easy to learn) "Pass and Power-Up" drill your team will absolute LOVE. It's fast-paced, game-like, and super competitive… and your kids will practically BEG to do it every practice! (33:10)
The "Human Cones" secret to rapidly improving your guards ballhandling skills. Immediately translates to a more fluid, more aggressive offensive attack (39:01)

And a lot more...

Video #3 is another gem from the legendary Bob Hurley, called "Transition Basketball Made Easy." Inside, you'll discover a simple system for fast break success that ANY team can use.

Online Video Clinic #3
"Transition Basketball Made Easy"

It's over 71 minutes long... and jam-packed with dozens of specific tips, 8 easy-to-learn drills and 3 killer fast break offenses... all explained in plain English and demonstrated with simple step by step instructions.

Here's a sample of what's included:

9 reasons you NEED to become a fast-break expert…. and how to use this strategy for an immediate competitive advantage over the rest of your league (find this at 2:01 of the video)
How to train your kids to get the ball up the court quickly for an easy score… after steals… after missed shots… even after made shots. In no time at all, your squad will be running the break like the '86 Lakers! (10:22)
A "no-dribble" secret to getting boatloads of uncontested layups in transition. Turn your team into a hyper-confident fast break machine in just 1 week! (28:11)
2 championship-proven set plays to run in your early offense. Both are simple and easy… and I guarantee your opponents have NEVER seen them before! (32:18)
The "Quick 4" secret that frees up your shooting guard for a sneaky back-door cut. You'll score over and over with this play… as consistent and automatic as watching the sun rise! (43:10)
An easy "2 on 0" rebounding drill every coach should know. It trains your kids to run the fast break without thinking… so pushing the ball is as simple and natural as tying your shoelace or brushing your teeth! (49:26)
The "Niagara" method for getting your team into fast break condition. Practice this just a couple times per week and your kids will out-hustle and out-last ANY team in your league! (65:38)

And a lot more...

Your fourth video is called "Game Time: 12 Pre-Game Drills To Give Your Team The Edge."

It comes to you from Jamie Angeli, one of the most respected and accomplished basketball minds in the country.

As director of the "Camp of Champs" in Michigan and Wisconsin, Angeli personally mentored more than 17,096 youth and high school players over a 20 year span.

He's won at every level... from winning a high school district championship in 1992... to acting as Director of Basketball Operations at UCLA from 98-03... to winning the prestigous Asia Cup Club Championships as a professional head coach in 2005.

Online Video Clinic #4
"Game Time: 12 Pre-Game Drills
To Give Your Team The Edge"


Inside "Game Time," Coach Angeli shows you exactly how to design a killer pre-game warmup routine that gets your kids physically, mentally and emotionally ready before a game... and gives your team an immediate and unstoppable competitive advantage!

You can say goodbye to those annoying slow starts that drives us coaches crazy. Once you master these simple drills, you'll completely DOMINATE your competition from the opening tip-off to the final buzzer!

Here's a small sample of what's included:

A "Four Corner" layup drill that immediately prepares your team to pass, catch, and finish at game speed (3:04)

How to reinforce fundamental footwork techniques (like the jumpstop and pivot) using a unique "Four Line" passing drill (5:08)

The absolute best warm-up drill to use when you're running a motion offense. (prepares your kids to cut hard off screens and finish strong at the hoop!) (7:54)

An easy way to modify your standard half court layup drill to maximize intensity and mental focus before a game (10:10)

The amazing "rapid-fire" passing technique that TRIPLES your layup repetitions in the three man weave (11:56)

The simple key to maximizing your practice time and space during warmups -- you'll wonder why no one every showed you this before! (14:40)

A unique "3 Pass/3 Layup Outlet Drill" that primes your passing, shooting, ballhandling, and rebounding skills... in just 4 minutes or less! (17:11)

A cool "Mascot" drill that eliminates outside distractions and boosts your team's confidence (20:15)

The advanced (but easy to learn) "Pass, Skip, Cut" drill that trains your kids to move without the ball... and translates directly into better offensive spacing and execution in your game! (22:53)

My favorite pre-game ballhandling drill for youth and high school teams (24:14)

A "Peer Pressure Speed Layup" drill for finishing strong under pressure. Also works great for your mid-week practices! (27:18)

Easy ways to get coaches actively involved in the pre-game warm-up routine... so you can get out on the court and reinforce your key coaching points! (33:04)

And a lot more.

It doesn't matter if you're a rank beginner who's never stepped on the court before… or if you've been coaching basketball all your life… I guarantee you'll find loads of all-new, stunningly effective drills that will immediately and permanently transform your basketball team into a dominating powerhouse!

Click on the button below to get all 4 videos for just one dollar!

That's Over 3 Hours and 23 Minutes of
Pure, Powerful Basketball Coaching Gold
Delivered Right Over Your Computer
Screen - Just 30 Seconds From Now!

Okay, I know we've covered a lot... so before we go any further, let's review everything you'll be receiving in this package:


Video Clinic #1: "5 Man Motion Offense" ($39.97 value)
Video Clinic #2: "Practice Planning Secrets" ($39.97 value)
Video Clinic #3: "Transition Basketball Made Easy" ($39.97 value)
Video Clinic #4: "Game Time: 12 Pre-Game Drills" ($39.97 value)

TOTAL VALUE: $159.88
Your Price: One Dollar!

As you can see, the $159.88 is not some "made-up" number. Each one of these videos could sell for $39.97 (or more) on their own.

But you can have all 4 videos, and get all 51 drills and 7 plays, today - for just one dollar. A spectacular deal… especially considering most coaches would give up a kidney for these secrets.

As soon as you sign up, you'll be directed to our Basketball Inner Circle members area, where you can instantly access all 4 videos right over your Internet connection. Or - if you prefer - download the video files to your computer and watch them at your convenience.

You can even bring your laptop into practice and show these techniques to your team! There's no special software or fancy equipment needed. If you know how to use a mouse... then you have everything you need to access these secrets just a few moments from now.

Okay, you're probably wondering, what's the catch?

"Why The Heck is Coach Pat Giving
Me $159.88 Of Killer Basketball Coaching
Information For Just One Dollar?"

It's really quite simple! I'm trying to get you "hooked!"

That's right. I'm shamelessly attempting to get you "addicted" to my Basketball Inner Circle program. Look, if the videos are as good as I say they are… if you really do see the immediate and permanent improvements in the way your team plays, you'd be silly not to continue, right?

Of course!!!

But on the other hand, if these videos don't deliver the goods, we don't deserve your money. It's as simple as that. This way you're the judge, jury, and - if need be - executioner.

Here's How This Whole Thing Works

To claim your package, all you have to do is click on the button below

There is a one-time charge for hosting and bandwidth of $1.00. THIS IS FOR EVERYTHING. Frankly, you've got to experience the videos for yourself because anything I say just doesn't matter until you try it.

If you enjoy the videos and want to remain a member of Basketball Inner Circle, I'll send you a brand new online video clinic every 30 days.

I've reviewed hundreds of coaching videos and personally selected the hottest topics from the best coaches on the planet... all geared to save you time, improve your players skills and help you win more games.

Once you see how much better your team plays… and how much easier and more enjoyable your coaching job is, we'll simply automatically charge you the lowest fee for ongoing Basketball Inner Circle membership - only $29.95 per month.

It's a fun, convenient way to get new drills, new strategies, and new coaching tips sent directly to your desktop. So your players will never get bored of the "same-old" practices... and you'll stay one step ahead of your competition throughout the entire season.

If, at any time, you feel like you're not getting the results I’ve promised, just email me at support [at] basketballinnercircle.com and say "cancel" and it's done.

There are no hassles, no questions, and definitely no hard feelings. Even if you decide to accept the 4 videos for a buck, and nothing else after that.

Okay... There Is One "Catch"

If you're going to become a member of my Basketball Inner Circle, and I'd LOVE to have you in it, there are two conditions you'll have to meet.

First, you have to make a commitment that you'll actually use these coaching strategies with your team this season.

I’m 100% confident that when you try this stuff, the game will become easier, you'll win more often… and you’ll have more FUN coaching than you ever have before.

But you need to actually use these techniques in order to see the results.

I'm not trying to be mean or harsh. But the purpose of this offer is to help you achieve the success your team is capable of… and only 263 82 more coaches will be allowed to get it.

So I’d prefer not to waste the slots on those who won’t actually use the information.

Second… and this kind of goes without saying… you have to be ethical and a good sport.

Seriously, the techniques you’ll discover inside Basketball Inner Circle are so incredibly powerful and effective, you're going to utterly dominate some teams in your league.

So you have to promise that you'll maintain the highest standards of professionalism and sportsmanship. That means no running up the score… no showboating… and no trash talking.

I take my reputation seriously, and only want to be associated with other coaches who believe in the value of sportsmanship and honest competition.

Sorry if that sounded a bit “preachy”, but I have a really high standard when it comes to that stuff, and it's important to me that the coaches I associate myself with take it seriously as well.

So that's the only catch.

If you can meet those 2 conditions, I’d be honored to have you accept these 4 videos and test drive my Inner Circle program. Simply click on the button below and you can get started immediately!

But please, don’t hesitate. My accountant thinks I'm absolutely nuts to try an offer like this... and one of my business partners has already threatened to toss me in the loony bin.

In the end, he (reluctantly) agreed to allow this offer for the next 263 82 coaches only. Any more than that, and I could really lose my shirt.

After those slots are gone, I have no idea if or when we’ll ever make this offer again. If you come back tomorrow, chances are this site will be shut down and the offer closed.

So don’t go back to checking your email or surfing the web. Click on the button now to claim your gift today. It could be your only chance.

Yours for better basketball,

Coach Pat Anderson

P.S. At last check I have approximately 52,155 coaches on my general coaching newsletter, and around 3,143 on my special e-hotlist.

With just 263 82 of these gifts available... well, you can do the math. The majority of my members will NOT get a chance to access this. If you've read this far into the letter, I know you're seriously considering accepting my offer, and I'd hate for you to miss out.

Remember, you get 4 full length online video clinics covering Motion Offense, Practice Planning, Transition Play, and Pre-Game Warmups.

That's a $159.88 value

... over 3 hours and 23 minutes of explosively powerful basketball coaching information

... 51 wickedly effective drills you can take right to the gym.

... 7 unstoppable plays for half court offense and transition that will get you boatloads of easy buckets.

And it's all yours... for just one dollar.

So please -- don't waffle around and see this offer pass you by. Go ahead and click on the button to secure your gift right now.

P.P.S. Here's what other coaches are saying about my coaching resources:

"From Last Place to 18-4, Citywide Champs!"

"Our team went from having a four win season to going 18-4! Thanksgiving Preseason Champs, Runner up in the League Championship, & The Elementary Citywide Champs! Your system made my practices easy to run & gave the players skills to use in game time situations."

Willie Warren
Johnsontown Road Elementary
Louisville, Kentucky

"Good For Inexperienced AND Experienced Coaches!"

"Showed me which fundamentals to work on at every practice, and how to incorporate new concepts. For inexperienced coaches, it's a good introductory how to. And it has good info for the more experiencced coach looking for new ideas."

David Coenen
7th grade Appleton North
Girls Tournament Team
Appleton, WI

"Clear, Concise, and Easy To Understand"

"Clear, concise, easy to follow and understand basketball drills. Offered insight into breaking up the monotony of standard practices that are an easy trap to fall into."

Brett Carroll,
Ottawa St. Pat's Irish